General conditions of sale

Version 1ER January 2017

1.    Preamble

These terms of sale (the "t & c ") are the terms applicable to all access, any order and any sale of products made on and from the website merchant (the" Site" »).All access to the Site and/or any order on the Site is worth full and complete acceptance of these terms by the customer (hereinafter "customer »). It is recommended to save or print the terms and conditions applicable to the order made by the customers, accessible in the course of purchase of the products.

The Site is published by the DEAD SEA COSMETICS, a stock company simplified to the social capital of 50.000 SHEQUEL whose headquarters is located 18 avraham shapira, Netanya 44788, for questions about your order, DEAD SEA COSMETICS puts at the disposal of the Customer a Customer Service that can be reached by email [if! supportLists]2.



DEAD SEA COSMETICS reserves the right to change these terms at any time, including legal, regulatory changes or for security reasons. In case of substantial changes, DEAD SEA COSMETICS will prevent this change on the Site and/or by sending emails; the customer remains responsible for checking the content of the GSC. If you disagree with their content, the Client can stop using the Site at any time. [if! supportLists]   


All rights, titles, interests and content posted on the Site (the "content" ") is the property of DEAD SEA COSMETICS, affiliated companies or corporations who have granted him a license. The content is protected in the french, European or international level in respect of the protection of copyright, trademarks, patents or toAnother UT title of intellectual property. DEAD SEA COSMETICS holds all rights as to the selection, compilation, Assembly, arrangement and enhancement of the content of the Site, DEAD SEA COSMETICS will not be responsible for any content of the Site linked to DEAD SEA COSMETICS.4.

    [endif]Use of the Site

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Usage restrictions

(a) contains any threats, is defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, likely to incite hatred, racial, discriminatory, threatening, scandalous, in a breach of trust or breach of privacy or may cause inconvenience or embarrassment;(b) for which it holds all the licenses or permissions;(d) which is technically dangerous, including computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, destructive components, corrupted data or any other software or malicious data.

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Information on products and prices

For technical reasons, the color display, despite the care taken by DEAD SEA COSMETICS to be as correct as possible, may be different than the product according to the screen and/or the equipment used by the Client to display.The offers are within the limits of available stocks ") which are shown to the customer before the validation of the order.

The customer may receive discounts through discount codes ("Codes

 »). Codes can be used during the purchase process. DEAD SEA COSMETICS advises the customer to pay attention to use the most appropriate Code for his order. It is expressly stated that only one Code may be used per order, and the Codes cannot be combined with any other offer. The Codes may exclude certain brands and products, discretionary decision of DEAD SEA COSMETICS.

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7.    [endif]

Payment methods [if! supportLists]·

[endif]Credit cards - after having ordered, the customer is redirected to a banking portal of payment, where he must enter the necessary payment data. In this context, no DEAD SEA COSMETICS employee has access to Bank data of the customers, who remain entirely in the hands of the Bank. The payment by credit card is considered to be a payment made in advance;·

[endif]PayPal - After ordering, the customer is redirected to a portal secure PayPal, where it connects to his account PayPal to complete the command. DEAD SEA COSMETICS indicates never having access to the PayPal account of the Client or any information that it is relative.·

[endif]Bank transfer - by choosing this payment method, the customer sets the total amount of his order in advance on the bank account of DEAD SEA COSMETICS. After ordering, the customer receives the necessary payment data on the part of NTN beauty SAS. This last ship the order to the customer after receiving the amount on the bank account as shown. [if! supportLists]

    [endif]DEAD SEA COSMETICS is committed to do its best to ship the order as soon as possible. According to the transport used by DEAD SEA COSMETICS provider, the customer can track the status of delivery of the order.

In case the customer is a large order, DEAD SEA COSMETICS reserves the right to divide it into several packages and make several deliveries.

9. Legal guaranteesDEAD SEA COSMETICS is required the legal guarantee of conformity and that relating to the defects of the thing sold. The customer is asked to verify the conformity of the products received as his command and, in case of a defect, contact Customer Service which will ensure its support by indicating the modalities of return and replacement or refund.In the case of cosmetic products, the customer has a period of five (5) years from the delivery of the product to act; in the case of other products, the time limit is two (2) years from the delivery of the product. When repair is possible, the customer can choose between replacement and repair, unless one of the training options a cost clearly disproportionate to DEAD SEA COSMETICS to the other account with the value of the property or the importance of the fault, in which case DEAD SEA COSMETICS may choose instead of the customer.

The customer is provided to report the evidence to the delivery of the lack of conformity of the product during the twenty-four (24) months after the delivery of the product.

10. personal

For ordering products, DEAD SEA COSMETICS offers available to the customer the possibility to create a personal account. If the customer decides to create, all personal data provided by the customer will be saved and will not need to be entered again in the following command, but will be entered automatically.

To create this account, the customer must complete the registration form. The customer can access, update or correct the items from his personal account by connecting.

The customer agrees to keep his access code and sound ID and is responsible for all activity performed from his personal account. DEAD SEA COSMETICS has no means of vcheck the identity of people using the Site and will not be held responsible for any losses resulting from the use of ID and password of the customer by a third party resulting from your negligence.

If the customer discovers or suspects that his ID and password have been used fraudulently, it undertakes to immediately inform DEAD SEA COSMETICS by email

Electronic 11.facture

Shipping, the customer receives a confirmation email with an electronic invoice which can be downloaded at any time from his personal account, as well as on request at the following address:

Major 12.force

DEAD SEA COSMETICS will not be held responsible for non-performance of a any its obligations if it is due to a case of force majeure, as defined in article 1218 of the civil code, by the very fact of the customer or through a third party to the contract.

13. applicable and competent jurisdiction

These terms are subject to international law.

All disputes arising out of this agreement or in connection therewith will be the subject of an amicable solution will be sought; the customer may request the intervention of a mediator. If no amicable solution, the dispute shall be submitted to the territorially competent French courts.

It is also possible to resolve the conflict online.

If any term of these terms is considered invalid, the other provisions remain applicable between DEAD SEA COSMETICS and the customer.

14.Merci for your feedback

DEAD SEA COSMETICS strives to continuously improve the quality of services provided to its customers. Their satisfaction is his priority. To provide a service of excellence, we invite customers to share their comments and suggestions by email