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Black Diamond, part of the family of diamonds, which still today divides his opinions about his origins, and its many fascinating and exciting stories continue to surprise us with its wonderful qualities, as well as by the uses of the culture and aesthetics.

The black diamond and also known by its scientific name, Carbonado. It is unique in color and very high value because very rare, native of the Brazil and Central Africa, and is distinguished not only by its different color, but also by the surface of this diamond characterized by scratches and grooves. This makes difficult the size of these rare diamonds. More diamond is black, it is valuable.

"Ordinary" diamond mining is carried out only in the depths of the Earth and it is very rare to find diamonds to the surface. This is not the case of the black diamond, which comes from the rock and minerals above the surface, which raises various issues and beliefs as its origin and its mode of creation. The concentration of minerals and sulphur aroused the curiosity of scientists, especially the aesthetic appearance, and he also began to be questioned in these aspects.

When the dead sea has met a diamond

Some recall black diamond minerals of the dead sea, and the obvious question was what would happen if we combine the features of the dead sea with the properties of this particular stone.

The response was immediate: the encounter between ore and natural treasure gave birth to a rare, this masterpiece in a series of perfect for health and care products, containing five winning products: day cream, night cream serum, scrub and eye cream, which complement each other and become the glory of all time beauty products.

 It turns out that the link entRe the qualities of the diamond of the dead sea and wonderful minerals could not be better, which is a myth and has led to the creation of this series of luxury and perfect toilet articles.

The source of the black diamond is not known to this day. What is known is that its characteristics, combined with the wonderful qualities of the dead sea, led to a flagship product, unique, different and proven results.


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