Products from the dead sea for skin problems

In addition to its unique location (the lowest in the world) and its high concentration of salt, the dead sea is also known for its amazing healing properties. If in ordinary sea, the concentration of salts and minerals is 3%, in the dead sea, the salt concentration is 33%. These salts and minerals significantly enhance the metabolism of skin cells, which helps the skin rejuvenation with respect to the regeneration process that promote the salts and minerals. In addition, the active ingredients in the dead sea help also to disinfect the skin and eliminate harmful organisms. All these products are products from the dead sea cosmetics most wanted in the world, but they are also therapeutic products designed to treat various skin problems.

The nutrients contained in therapeutic products from the dead sea stimulate blood circulation and thus improve it, what is needed to promote cell regeneration and healing of various diseases of the skin. In addition, dead sea products also provide skin of minerals that increase the contribution of cells and oxygen skin cells, which strengthens the skin tissue structure and cleans the toxins that can accumulate in the event of problem medical. The essential ingredients of the mud from the dead sea, which are isolated for inclusion in therapeutic dead sea products, help to remove dead cells, giving the patient's skin look radiant and healthy. This makes excellent products from the dead sea for the treatment of autoimmune diseases of the skin and other unpleasant skin ailments. Psoriasis, Psoriasis, Psoriasis, Psoriasis, PSOEASY, relief from skin, sea of Spa.


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