Dead Sea mud

The shores of the dead sea are famous for thousands of years for their revitalising mud. This mud of the dead sea (composed of several layers of sedimentary clay) is particularly rich in minerals. The beneficial powers of the mud of the dead sea on the skin, known for centuries, have been the subject of studies and have been scientifically demonstrated.

Benefits of the mud from the dead sea

The dead sea mud has a cleansing action. It eliminates impurities while rebalancing the skin and smoothing his grain. Its virtues are also known to smooth and soften the texture of skin. The dead sea mud relieves and heals skin problems, such as acne, psoriasis and rheumatism problems.

The mud of the dead sea range

The laboratories have relied on scientific studies on the benefits of the mud of the dead sea on dry skin, to create an exclusive line of care and products made from dead sea mud. Products and treatments with mud from the dead sea have a strong power regenerating and revitalizing the skin.  Discover all of these benefits in a range of milk for the body, cream for the feet, hand creams and soaps. You will find also in the mud of the dead sea collection bags of pure mud.


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