Black Pearl Black Pearl collection Collection is a combination of minerals of the dead sea and algae. This unique blend helps the skin of the face to recapture his youth and have a healthier appearance by being able to effectively deal with the cells of the skin. Natural Black Pearl treats delicately powder texture of the skin and makes it healthy, radiant and alive.

The cosmetic benefits of the Black Pearl were discovered by Sea of Spa, which has made a unique facial care product that treats a variety of aesthetic skin problems.


The source of creation of the Black Pearl is in the depths of the Pacific around Tahiti Islands and relatively difficult to achieve, it is cultivated in its natural form. These conditions provide the Black Pearl of the curative properties unique to a magic and a mystery unimaginable, and therefore its financial value is very high.


Among the other ingredients a unique compound of calcium and carbon contained in our bones. Use beauty products that contain ingredients of Black Pearl for the health of the skin and helps the delicate texture of the face and gives him a unique moisture contributes to the constant construction and accelerated regeneration of the cells of the skin.

This wonderful complex is enriched algae and dead sea mineral extracts. The wonderful properties of algae and protein-rich antioxidants give a fresh and youthful glow to the skin of the face and help to maintain the daily balance of the skin.


The combination of the minerals of the sea algae and Dead Black Pearl have immediate results to improve the texture and appearance of the skin and gives the radiance, vitality, health over time, combat wrinkles with skin aging, offers a maximum flexibility, which delays aging. The product range contains several specificity designed for different areas of the face such as: the eyes, neck, the day cream and night cream and masks. Highly recommended.


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