The series Gold of the dead sea products are based on gold 24-Karat, which helps to significantly improve the level of collagen and elasticity of the skin.

Our story begins in ancient times with the former Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, who has changed the perception of beauty. She discovered natural treasures that helped revive his beauty and his youth. Gold and minerals of the dead sea.

Cleopatra acknowledged the beneficial effects of these minerals on the skin and their healing and nourishing properties, and worked hard to obtain exclusive rights on the region of the dead sea. In his research of cosmetic plants and medicines were built on the shores of the dead sea.

Cleopatra also found properties anti-age with nontoxic gold materials, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing the skin, firming and restores the skin. Cleopatra is known to sleep every night with a golden mask to improve the elasticity of the skin and keep its natural glow.

Knowing the effects of these minerals that can regenerate the skin, put products developed for the spa. The range of cosmetic products from the dead sea, skin and hair care products. In addition, this unique range combines the advantages of the culture of gold with the healing properties of minerals of the dead sea and brings health, youth and beauty to women and men from around the world.


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