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This series of products is based on the long-term scientific research which has given rise to unique compounds that allow the skin to confront and deal with the face on a daily basis.
All products of this range are light and pleasant to the touch and contain essential minerals from the dead sea. In addition to these minerals, the preparations of this range also contain vitamin B known to have an incredible effect on the vitality of the skin. In addition, most of the products in the range also contain black linseed oil known as a natural source of amino acids and Omega 6,3 and 9, which significantly improve all skin lesions. The range has been developed to combat environmental damage, prevent infections and the onset of allergic reactions, and also to restore skin and help in the process of cellular regeneration.
Jojoba oil containing products of the series is rich in antioxidants and amino acids that experts recommend to use on a daily basis for their wonderful contributions to our health.
the Black Magic products.
Unique products in this range have been developed to help the daily care, face and neck, helping fight against the environment, the operating time must be daily to give the skin soft and supple so that it is younger and cooler. The range contains a day cream suitable for all types of skin and for women over 35 because it is rich in minerals.
In addition, the range also includes a special cream to the areas of the eyes and lips where the first expression lines are formed and cream of collagen which helps to remove dead cells, a process necessary to foster the regeneration of skin cells. In addition, you can also find a youthful skin cream, a creme special for the neck and décolleté area, especially for delicate skin. These areas are characterized by a night cream, a unique anti-aging preparation that fights the appearance of wrinkles.
Recommendations of the experts on the use of the products in this range
Most of the products in the series are suitable for all skin types, of which some are designed for dry and normal skin for normal to oily skin. Experts recommend the daily use of the range and some of them are recommended to combine with complementary products Black Magic, since the combination of the two products of the series will give the treatment effect more impressive. All products in the series are the result of an innovative research based on scientific research so that each product contains the most essential components for the care of the skin of the face and neck. The compound of the series also provides an effective neutralization of toxins and harmful substances that can be harmful to our appearance and health of the skin.


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