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Combat wrinkles, from the dead sea to the Himalayas.
The Israeli company AHAVA (Ahava) moved into the field of corporations. The company, which sells its products around the world, launching a series of anti-wrinkle products called EXTREME, that promises to slow down the aging process of the skin and to eliminate the damage caused by the weather and age. The uniqueness of the range lies in its components, coming from both ends of the globe: the dead sea, the mother company database and the lowest place in the world, and the Himalayas, the highest mountain in the world.
The first two products that are competitive d AHAVA (local and global skin firming products base), EXTREME day cream (50 ml), and EXTREME extract night treatment (30 ml).
According to the company, it is the third phase and the most advanced AHAVA TIME TOREVITALIZE therapy for the treatment and maintenance of the skin.
The dead sea has contributed to the preparation of the ingredients: Osmoter - extraction of mineral water of the dead sea, that nourishes the skin with moisture. Donalella Selena algae - endogenous seaweed that is found only in the region of the dead sea, rich in beta carotene and vitamins essential; And the essence of date - rich in vitamins A and E.


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